Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf
Personal Information
  The Seven Dwarfs
  Old Gold Mine
  The Eighth Dwarf
The Seven Dwarfs
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Crocker of Gold
Latest Appearance:
  Crocker of Gold

Crazy is the disowned, psychotic brother of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White from Crocker of Gold.


This dwarf is very crazy, as his name suggests, and loves to chop stuff and chase people with chainsaws.


Crazy's taller than any of the other seven dwarves. He has a brown beard, a huge pink nose, crooked teeth and red pupils. He wears a purple shirt with a black belt, yellow pants and hat and green shoes.


Crazy's only seen when Timmy, Cosmo and Crocker go to the Old Gold Mine to mine gold. Cosmo says that they have to lookout for eight dwarves and explains that the eighth dwarf is named Crazy (who everyone always forgets about for a good reason). Then the Seven Dwarfs were seen running away from Crazy, who was running after them with a chainsaw. He is referenced by Crocker when he spins the wheel and land on "Dwarves".

Crazy, the 8th Dwarf

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