Cosmo and Wanda's Magic Van
Cosmo & Wanda's Magic Van
Cosmo and Wanda's Magic Van
Powered by: Fairy Magic
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First Appearance:
  Spellementary School
Last Appearance:
  Spellementary School

The Magic Van is an automobile used by Cosmo and Wanda to take Poof to Spellementary School in the episode, Spellementary School.


It is a purple van with a star sticker in it. Cosmo drives, Wanda sits by his side, and Timmy and Poof sit in the seats behind them. Poof sits in a safe baby chair. Even though Cosmo attempts to drive it, he confesses that he never went to driving school, and promptly crashes into the Turners' house. The van is capable of traveling across time and space to arrive in Fairy World.


The van is a purple colored four door vehicle with the image of a shooting star running across the side.


  • Even though Spellementary School has appeared in more episodes after it's debut, the magic van itself has only appeared once as Poof now goes to a school bus.

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