Jorgen: Conveniently Placed Family Locating Lever, take me to the nearest Von Strangle!
[He appears in Timmy Turner's bed. Timmy wakes]
Jorgen: AHHH!
Timmy and Jorgen: AHHH!
Cosmo: AHHH! Wanda, it's your turn, scream!

Jorgen: The faith of the universe rests on your extremely wimpy and fragile shoulders.
Cosmo: You can count on me cousin!
Jorgen: Don't call me that!
Cosmo: OK, cousin!

Mr. Turner: Honey, the Statue of Liberty is in the Living Room again!

Trixie Tang: I love you, Timmy Turner!

Nana Boom Boom: B7!
Jorgen, Nana Boom Boom, Wanda, Poof and Cosmo: Bingo!
[Timmy explodes]
Timmy: That's some freaky bingo!

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