• Two unknown fairies appear in the title card.
  • First appearances of Britney Britney and Binky.
  • This episode starts Mr. Turner's paranoia that Mr. Crocker is trying to steal his wife.
  • Apparently Timmy is never supposed to have an A+ on anything (especially tests) because it is apparently a sign of the "a"pocalypse.
  • The Wheel of Torture has Jorgen's name almost everywhere on it meaning that Jorgen is almost always most likely to choose where the next convention is.
  • Binky thought the Black Plague was a band which was why the Secret Fairy Convention was at the Black Plague one thousand years ago.
  • This is the first time Mr. Crocker guesses about how a seemingly impossible event happen involving Timmy's fairies. Ironically he's wrong as it's against Da Rules and it was pure luck Timmy got his A+ (he doodled on it due to his short attention span).
  • The episode pairing Cosmo Con and Wanda's Day Off! is the only episode pairing that have Cosmo and Wanda in the names which is possibly a coincidence.


Running Gags

  1. Dad claiming everything that is his.
  2. Mom telling everybody to knock before going into the bathroom.
  3. Mr. Crocker talking to himself about people.


  • Binky claims that he got the Black Plague to come to last year's Secret Fairy Convention which caused half of Europe to be wiped out and a short while later we flash-forward 1,000 years. In reality, the Black Plague ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1351 and only wiped out one-third of Europe.
  • When Crocker barges in, cannot see, and goes sliding, the pot is on his head. Moments later, it is in his hands.
  • After Cosmo destroyed Fairy World when he was a baby, Fairy World was all modernish, or maybe Fairy World rebuilt civilization in the style of medieval after that.

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