Wanda: Besides! All that's left is the closing entertainment!
Cosmo: Fairy conventions are notoriously short!
Timmy: Well, okay, as long as Cosmo didn't do anything stupid like book a human entertainer who will see this, blow the secret, and make you guys go away forever.
Cosmo: Uhh... actually there's a very funny story behind that (doorbell rings) Oops!

Cosmo: [riding on a boat] Look at me! I'm seaworthy! Look at the size of my poopdeck! (blows the horn with his boat)
Mr. Turner: (to Timmy as he holds his nose) Son, if you're going to do that shut the door. Not mine!

Mr. Crocker: I heard them! Fairies! Laughing! In the bathroom!

Mr. Turner: [referring to Crocker] That hump on his back, that ear on his neck, that figure... He's gorgeous!!!

A.J.: Oh my gosh! Timmy got an A+! It's a sign of the Apocalypse!
Chester: Everyone to the bunker! Run!!!

Mr. Crocker: Good news, class, The F's are in. [takes the F's out of oven] Smell those fresh, hot F's.[Crocker takes a whiff of the papers and then he notices one paper doesn't smell like an F] Wait a minute! [Takes a paper out of the stack] This one smells like an A+ and it's for...[Crocker turns around] Timmy Turner.

(Seeking fairies, Crocker bursts into the bathroom, and into Timmy's mom, who's sitting on the sink, cutting coupons)
Mrs. Turner: Aiiieeee! [turns out she was clipping cupons instead of sitting on the toilet] Can't a woman clip coupons in her own bathroom in private?

Britney Britney: Ugh. I'm never going to sing.

Mr. Turner: Also mine! And stay out!

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