Cynthia Aurora Vortex
2D Cindy (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color:       Blonde
Eye color:       Blue (2D)
      Green (CGI)
Personal Information
  Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner (sometimes)
  Retroville, Dimmsdale (sometimes)
Mr. Vortex (father)
Mrs. Vortex (mother)
Humphrey the Dog
Susie Vortex (aunt)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Latest Appearance:
  The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators
Voiced by:
Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex is a character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and one of the main characters in all of the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour crossovers.


Cindy is a very prideful, intelligent, arrogant, stubborn, tomboyish, and independent girl that lives in Retroville with Jimmy Neutron and his friends, and a temporairily love interest for Timmy Turner, but usually for Jimmy Neutron.


Cindy is a 10 year old blonde-haired girl with green eyes. She wears a fading-green shirt with stripes and wears her hair in a pony tail. In her debut, she wore a pink shirt with black jeans and pink sneakers and wore her hair in pigtails. She has blue eyes when in Timmy's universe and green eyes when in Jimmy's universe. 


Cindy appears in all the Jimmy-Neutron-Fairly OddParents crossovers, and is seen in 2D for the first time (along with Sheen, Carl, and Libby in When Nerds Collide!. After The Jerkinators! and Jimmy Neutron being cancelled while FOP was revived in 2008 with the premiere or Fairly Odd Baby, Cindy and other Jimmy Neutron characters haven't appeared since then.

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Cindy Vortex

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