The Chosen One is a title given by the fairies to one who would wield three powerful magic wands to defeat the Darkness. Originally it was Turbo Thunder, being chosen by the Fairy Council after a contest. However, he slept through the calling. Timmy Turner wound up being identified mistakenly as the Chosen One by Jorgen Von Strangle because of Timmy's resemblance to Turbo Thunder. It was at the end of Wishology part 1, that it was revealved that Turbo Thunder was originally the Chosen One, but he was late. During the second part of Wishology, Turbo Thunder kept insisting he was the Chosen One despite the fact he missed his calling. However, after he failed the test given by the Rock Guardian, it was obvious he was no longer fit to be the Chosen One. Timmy passed it and from then to the end of the special Timmy is considered the Chosen One.

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