• His first appearance was in Dream Goat!.
  • He is Dimmsdale's hero and mascot.
  • He is the only known friend of the Mayor of Dimmsdale.
  • His debut episode is currently the only time he's ever been involved with the main plot of an episode.
  • He is rarely seen without the mayor. Even when Chompy's not seen in person, he's usually mentioned only by the Mayor.
  • Despite not having hands/fingers/thumbs, Chompy was somehow able to give Timmy's babysitter, Vicky, a wedgie (during which it was revealed that she wore bright pink underwear).
  • It's widely believed that the reason why we never see his family is that the mayor ate them post-Vicky Gets Fired. But this theory has yet to be verified.
Chompy the Goat

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