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Chicken Temple
World: Fairy World
Additional Information
  Amazonian Fairies
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Chicken Poofs
Last Appearance:
  Chicken Poofs

The Chicken Temple is a temple that appeared in the episode Chicken Poofs. This temple is located in a jungle somewhere in Fairy World, and inside the temple, there are several traps that are set.


Wanda came to this temple with Dr. Rip Studwell seeking for a cure for Poof's chicken poofs illness. She retrieves an ancient flower from the temple and manages to escape in a scene similar to Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark's introduction sequence, but is captured by Amazonian Fairies shortly after.


The temple resembles old Meso-American ruins (Aztecs, Maya, Incas), although the temple is shaped like a chicken. It is likely constructed out of stone and plaster.

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