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This article is about the illness. For the episode, see Chicken Poofs.

Poof With Chicken Poofs

Poof as and with Chicken Poofs

Chicken Poofs is a fairy-childhood illness in the Fairly Oddparents that affects both humans and fairies (no matter what age they are). Poof gets it in the Chicken Poofs (episode), and turns everyone he sneezes on into a chicken.


The Chicken Poofs affects its vicim immediately, magically transforming them into a chicken. This chicken will retain some of its original look, such as the shape and color of their hair and various accessories (Mr. Crocker was one of the victims, and he still had his glasses after he got turned into a chicken). The disease itself can only be spread by the fairy that hosts the disease.


The only known cure for Chicken Poofs is a special kind of medicine given to the fairy that developed the disease in the first place. Once this fairy has been cured, every other fairy and/or person that they've spread the disease to will change back to normal.


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