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  • This episode aired in the United Kingdom first on November 2, 2009.
  • This episode aired on January 14, 2010 in Latin America.
  • The Pirate Stadium that first appeared in Odd Pirates returns in this episode.
  • Vicky cameos near the end of the episode inside one of the cages, meaning she was also turned into a chicken.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner (in chicken form) kiss in this episode.
  • The coupon for the free milkshake that Timmy is given says, "with purchase of 50 regular priced shakes".
  • Innuendo: During the first glimpse of the chicken Mr. Turner, he says "I'm the cock of the walk", but even though he said "cock", he actually means another word for "rooster".



  • When Mr. Crocker says "Not the nuggets, Mother!", the cations exclude the comma and say TODAY in place of MOTHER. It's as if Mr. Crocker wouldn't mind if he lost his nuggets some other day.
  • Apparently, Chet Ubetcha calls the Chicken Dippin' Dippadome the Chicken Dippadome. When he does, the captions include DIPPIN' between CHICKEN and DIPPADOME.
  • Timmy says, "Everyone I know and love, and Mr. Crocker", but Timmy doesn't like Vicky either.
  • Dr. Rip Studwell could avoided the events of this episode from happening by simply getting Poof to drink from a cup from the first place, when they were in Timmy's room. 

Running Gags

  • Chicken hawks attacking Cosmo.
  • Dr. Rip Studwell getting hit by Wanda.
  • Poof turning people into chicken by sneezing at them.

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