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Chester Ubetcha
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Ubetcha family
  Radio announcer
  1930's Dimmsdale
Nanette Ubetcha (possible daughter)
Chet Ubetcha (possible grandson)
Ivette Ubetcha (possible great grandaughter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Latest Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

Chester Ubetcha was a radio announcer during the 1930's. He shares the same looks and mannerisms as his descendent and possible grandson, Chet Ubetcha.


Chester Ubetcha was seen briefly announcing news at a radio station into an old style microphone in the 1930s version of Dimmsdale that Timmy Turner wished himself and his grandfather Pappy into.


He has wears a suit and a tie and has hair that looks like a moustache.


After wishing Timmy and Pappy into a cartoonized 1930's version of Dimmsdale, Cosmo and Wanda's wands came to life and ran off from them. While Cosmo and Wanda gave chase, they ran into the Stock Exchange where Chester Ubetcha was giving a radio broadcast. The wands jumped onto a stock chart in the background, flipping it around and making it seem like the stock market was crashing. This caused a panic and suddenly all the rich people in the stock exchange were wearing wooden barrels over themselves as Chester Ubetcha reported the stock market disaster.

Chester Ubetcha

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