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  • Chester made an appearance in the video game Breakin' Da Rules where he was briefly trapped in a video game world in a level inspired by Power Mad. He saves Timmy and A.J. from virtual bees and is shortly playable in an arcade style minigame.
  • Out of Timmy's two best friends, Chester seems to be the one who interacts the most with Timmy, unlike A.J.
  • Chester's Danny Phantom counterpart is Dash because their voices are very similar, although they are not voiced by the same person in their own series (Jason Marsden did however do Dash's voice in Fly Boy).
  • A.J.'s parents seem to dislike Chester, since in The Big Scoop!, the security system of the house switched to a bigger laser gun when Chester announced himself (being saved at last minute by A.J.). A.J. kept in awkward silence when Chester was sure A.J.'s parents adored him.
  • If his dad was still a famous baseball player, he would have had Fairy Godparents.
  • Chester in the future becomes a cop (as seen at Grow Up, Timmy Turner!)
  • There was a picture of Chester's possible mother in Fairy Idol.
  • As of Season 9, Chester and A.J.'s roles have become much smaller, and they rarely talk.


  • Chester was originally voiced by Frankie Muniz. From Season 3 onward, Chester is voiced by Jason Marsden.
  • Chester might've inspired Total Drama contestantOwen as both characters share similarities: both like to eat anything that's disgusting, both like to get dirty, both are not very smart, both are afraid of girls, and both are always in a happy mood.
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