Saw Reference

Vicky Parodies Billy the Puppet.

  • Donald Trump - Poof does an imitation of him near the beginning of the episode.
  • Elvis Presley - Poof does an imitation of him near the beginning of the episode.
  • Johnny Bravo - Poof does an imitation of him near the beginning of the episode. Jeff Bennett, who voices many characters in the series, also voiced Johnny Bravo.
  • Saw (franchise) - Vicky on the monitor as Tricky Vicky and her outfit, is a parody of the character Billy the Puppet from the Saw movies.
  • IPhone - The SkullPhone is an obvious parody of the IPhone. Foop says he has a SkullPhone 6, which is based off of the IPhone model, IPhone 6.
  •  Star Wars - Chloe uses a light-saber in her battle against Vicky.

Running Gags

  • Mr. Turner mentioning candy and wiggling in the cart.
  • Punchy the Kangaroo saying "Shrimp on the barbie!", and then punching people.
  • Poof making impressions and quotes from pop culture.
  • Cosmo mistaking random characters and items for Poof.


  • Punchie the Kangaroo is actually a character from a violent animated TV show Timmy, Cosmo and Poof watch called Punchie and Munchie, that was shown the in the Season 7 episode, Mice Capades. The TV show character however is shown as blue in color.
    • When Cosmo is punched by Punchie (believing him to be Poof), he says "Oh, you've got a good right hand. You got that from your mother." This could actually be a reference to the same episode, when Poof turned his parents into the characters of that show (Wanda into Punchie, Cosmo into Munchie).


  • In this episode, Vicky and Mr. Turner act as if they never met even though they've known each other since the beginning of the series.
  • Mr. Turner's leash disappears and reappears throughout the episode.
  • When Chloe gives Foop a music book her glove is missing. Her gloves are also missing when she is looking over the couch with Timmy, Foop, and Sammy.
  • Timmy, Chloe, Poof, Foop, Sammy, and Mr. Turner seen are together screaming when Vicky breaks into the house, when they were not near each other or near the door as Mr. Turner was at the phone Timmy, Chloe, Foop, and Sammy looking over the couch and Poof dissapeared (see goof below), before she came in.
  • Poof is shown with Timmy near the couch even when Foop shows up, however, in the next shot Poof is nowhere to be seen.
  • When Vicky enters the house, she uses a chainsaw cutting it down. However at the start of the second half of the episode it looks like she entered the house normally.
  • While Vicky sits on Mr. Turner his tail is missing in the scene.
  • Vicky takes Poof's Rattle and Foop's Bottle, however once Poof gets his rattle back, Foop's bottle is missing.


  • Punchy: Shrimp on the barbie!

  • Timmy: Good job, Punchy, and Poof, just a suggestion. Maybe next time don't bring home a harbinger of doom.
  • Foop: Well, I would have gone home, but Mommy and Daddy moved without leaving a forwarding address... again.

  • Sammy Sweetsparkle: Don't worry Foop, I'll use my my sparkle stick to turn that frown upside down!
  • Foop: [he begins to smile very widely] The smile! It burns!

  • Mrs. Turner: Chloe, I heard you are babysitting. Would you mind watching Timmy's Dad? I can't take him grocery shopping anymore. He wiggles in the cart and grabs candies off the shelves.
  • Mr. Turner: Candy is good! Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!

  • Timmy: Dad what's with the helmet?
  • Mr. Turner: I don't really need it, it's just a fashion choice [Mr. Turner crashes into a tree].

  • Chloe: No matter how angry you are I'm never gonna give up on you because I believe deep inside you are good.
  • Foop: Hahaha! Now that is a joke! Much better than that yelling German thing.

  • Mr. Crocker: Gah! I'm not-- AHH! A punching bag-- OOH! I'm the real Mr-- UUH! Crocker!

  • [Vicky (who is off-screen) rings the doorbell]
  • Mr. Turner: Ooooh, the ding-dong sound means someone's on the phone.
  • Timmy: You need a better helmet.

  • Foop: What's this? Thunder and lightning on a sunny day? Songbirds falling from the sky, followed by a bloodcurdling scream?
  • Sammy: There was no scream.
  • Foop: Wait for it...
  • [We hear a bloodcurdling scream from Vicky (who is off-screen)]
  • Timmy: This could only mean one thing. It's the most evil babysitter who ever walked the face of the Earth...
  • [A shadow of Vicky's face appears on the door the door comes down with Vicky holding a chainsaw]
  • Timmy and Foop: ...VICKY!
  • [Timmy, Poof, Mr. Turner, Chloe, Sammy and Foop scream. Vicky manically laughs.]
  • Foop: Does anyone has a spare diaper? It's for Skull-Bearie.

  • Timmy: Whoa! Since when does our house have a dungeon?
  • [A monitor appears in the room. Vicky as "Tricky Vicky" is on the screen.]
  • Vicky: Since now! I did a little psychological profiling on you two, and I know what will make you coo-coo crazy! Twerpette! It's time to pay for getting all up in my babysittin' business! And twerp! You're gonna pay, just because I HATE YOU!
  • [The floor turns into a treadmill.]
  • Timmy: Oh no! The entire floor's a treadmill! (cries) She's making me exercise!
  • Vicky: If you want the treadmill to stop, twerp... just eat the brussel sprouts off the mechanical fork!
  • Timmy: Oh no, vegetables and exercise! SHE'S PURE EVIL!
  • Vicky: Now, Certified Stupid Sitter. Let's see how you deal with this!
  • [A chute in the room begins shooting out garbage.]
  • Chloe: No! She's... she's littering! She's a monster!
  • Vicky: The faster you pick up the trash, the faster it'll fall!
  • Timmy (with a sprout in his mouth): We're gonna drown in litter! Just stop picking it up!
  • Chloe: (cries) You know I can't!
  • Vicky: And for the cherry on top of your misery sundae, watch this!
  • [The screen starts playing "Crocker's Dream Journal".]
  • Crocker: And now, volume one through twenty-nine of Mr. Crocker's Dream Journal! Yay! Ahem. (begins reading from the journal) "I was dancing in a field with a beautiful young woman, when Mother pulled up in her rusty mid-sized sedan with an angry scowl and a case of foot cream!" Gah! Well, I guess this is really more of a nightmare.
  • Timmy and Chloe: NOOOOOOOOOOO...!

  • Mr. Turner: (gasps) She's mean! I'm gonna tell Mommy... I mean my wife. Aah! She's got me on a sharp lease!

  • Foop: What kind of madman would go for a date with that teenage gorgon?
  • Vicky: (pulls out a sword) What was that?
  • Foop: You are pretty! Don't hurt me!
  • Vicky: Everyone else! Tell me I'm pretty!
  • Sammy: I would, but my mommy told me never to lie.

  • Chloe: I don't even know who I am anymore?!

  • [Foop begins to play on his "Baby's First Harpsichord".]
  • Foop: I thought this moment deserved an ominous music sting, so I broke out my Baby's First Harpsichord.

  • Sammy Sweetsparkle: This may not sound very sweet, but... BREAK VICKY LIKE A TWO-BY-FOUR!

  • Vicky: Sayonara, stupid sitter!
  • Foop: HALT! I will not allow you to harm Chloe! Her unwarranted kindness made my face leak. If you want her, you'll have to go through me!
  • Vicky: Huh, okay!
  • Foop: Badly played, but before I perish, grant me one last request. Say "Here, Punchy!"
  • Vicky: Why would I say "Here, Punchy?"
  • Punchy: Shrimp on the barbie! [Punchy punches Vicky.]
  • Vicky: AAH! A punching kangaroo... (laughs) I did not see that coming!
  • [Poof takes the key off of Vicky's neck, and gets back his rattle.]
  • Poof: Ooh!
  • [Vicky tries to hurt Poof with her chainsaw.]
  • Poof (in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice): Hasta la vista, baby!
  • [Poof shoots out a ray of magic at Vicky, shooting her out of the building. Vicky screams.]
  • Poof (in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice): She won't be back.

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