• Catman is a parody of Batman which the real life Adam West played in the 1960s. There is also a Catman villain in the Batman universe who uses the same orange and yellow costume as this Catman.
  • When he was young, Adam West acted as Catman, but when he was older, he portrayed the Crimson Chin, this might mean that Adam West might be a multi-tasking actor.
  • Despite being portrayed as incompetent and "washed up", he seems to be very rich and hired Vicky to do his chores and payed her a load of cash.
  • He would have went to jail if Timmy didn't wish that he was innocent for injuring a janitor near Mrs. Turner at a supermarket.
  • As he is a legal guardian of Timmy Turner, he can be considered an unofficial member of the Turner family.
  • Jeff Bennett, Catman's replacement voice actor, was the voice of the titular protagonist on Johnny Bravo, a show that Butch Hartman worked on during the first season before creating the Fairly OddParents. Adam West also guest starred on Johnny Bravo in the first season as himself.