A postcard of Timmy canoeing at Camp Fun.

Camp Fun is a camp that Timmy went to in the past as shown in That's Life! .


Timmy went to this summer camp over the summer a while back. While he was at that camp, Timmy's dad forgot to feed Eddie for a while and that caused Eddie to starve to death. As such Mr. Turner had to bury Eddie in Mom 's garden. Mr. Turner also neglected to feed Timmy's other pets(his kitty, his bunny, his parrot, his ocelot, and his puppy) while he was at this camp and that led them to being starved to death. Mr. and Mrs. Turner then had to bury them in the front garden too. When Timmy got back from summer camp, his parents lied to him that his pets ran away while he was at summer camp.

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