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C.C. Cruiser and the Hot Rod Squad is a television show-within-a-show that appeared in an episode of The Fairly OddParents. It shows the adventures of a man called C.C. Cruiser, and his friends, beating villains and saving people.


It was only seen in the episode "Odd Squad". In C.C. Cruiser and the Hot Rod Squad, C.C. is a man who fights against crime with the help of Rodd, his talking car, and Tina Tune-Up, a female sidekick who is pretty and beautiful, but also very smart. Tina Tune-Up also built Rodd. Together they save people, dealing with explosions and evil truck drivers.

The show has a lot of freeze screens and it's produced by Dimmstar Studios.


Picture Name
C.C. Cruiser
Odd Squad11
Tina Tune-Up
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Rodd, the Talking Car

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