• This was Tootie's first appearance on the show since she was featured in one of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, she is wearing different clothes and more distinctive glasses. Her voice actress was also changed from Amber Wood to Grey DeLisle, the same voice actress as Vicky.     
  • This is the only appearance of Tootie in Season 2.
  • This is Tootie, Doidle, and the Crimson Chin's second appearance.
  • The moral of the episode is treat people niceley or better.
  • In this episode, the Crimson Chin appeared as an action figure.
  • Although it's never explicitly stated, the official transcript of this episode reveals Tootie's age to be nine years old.
  • If you look at the grass, the grass is much greener than it is in other episodes.
  • The Crimson Chin doll says "Icky red heads make boy bands say EEWWWW!" to Vicky, a reference to Boys in the Band and the Chip Skylark song, Icky Vicky.
  • There is a book based on this episode called Timmy Turner, Action Hero!.
  • The original title card had the Crimson Chin doll in a yellow box on a black background. It's unknown why it was changed, but it continues to be used in international airings, Nicktoons airings, and on the VHS and DVD of Superhero Spectacle.
  • This is the second time that Timmy has been shrunk magically. The first being in Tiny Timmy!.
  • When AJ says that Chester, Timmy, and him were ten years old, this reveals that Chester and AJ were nine years old in the first season.
  • Both this episode and its partner's names have two words that rhyme.
  • In a PC game, "Wizard101," O'Leary is a type of enemy.


  • Hey Arnold - Tootie's Timmy shrine is similar to Helga Pataki's "Arnold shrine".
  • Crimson Chin Doll - "Justice, thy name is Chin!" - This is a take-off on Hamlet's line, "Frailty, thy name is woman".


  • When Chester was hitting Tootie with water balloons in the shot when he is trying to push the button to fire more balloons, A.J.'s eyes are green.
  • Timmy wished himself back to his tree house but it only took Tootie a few seconds to get all the way from her house to his backyard.
  • When the lemonade falls on Doidle, it lands on his back. However, it appears in his front when Vicky comes in.

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