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Blubber Nuggets
Doug Dimmadome holding a box of Blubber Nuggets

Blubber Nuggets are nuggets made of fat and blubber. They were first seen in Odd Ball.



Blubber nuggets are said to be an Alaskan delicacy. Similarly to chicken nuggets, they are shaped the same, are both coated with some sort of breading, and are both served in a small box. The only difference is the content, since chicken nuggets contain ground chicken while blubber nuggets appear to be made of whale blubber, evidenced by the whale on the blubber nugget box. The texture of a blubber nugget is obviously chewy, considering that everyone who has tasted one says so.


The blubber nuggets first appear in Odd Ball, where it is said that the Alaskans eat them. A commercial for blubber nuggets also informs the audience that Farmer Ahab manufactures them.


  • It is a parody of chicken nuggets.
  • People noting "Hey, they're chewy!" after tasting one becomes a running gag.
  • In the brief blubber nugget commercial, it is said that Farmer Ahab manufactured the whale blubber nuggets. This is a reference to Captain Ahab from Herman Melville's book Moby Dick.



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