Timmy, Chester, and A.J.: This is the great place ever!
Boy: Hi, Tootie. [gasps]
Timmy: It's all my fault Tootie's having a horrible birthday?
Wanda: It's not all your fault. Vicky helped ruin her party too.
Cosmo: At least she showed up.
Timmy: Hey cut it out, you're making me feel... weird.
Wanda: It's called guilt, sport! It's a magical emotion! [poofs up a magical flashlight and shines it on Cosmo]
Cosmo: No it isn't! It's horrible! It eats away at you until.... Until... You just have to confess what you did! I'm sorry Wanda, I lied! I did forget our 793rd anniversary, I just pretended to be in a coma!
Wanda: See? It's magic the works on your heart, and the only way to make it go away is if you do something very special.
(Wanda shines magic flash light on him)
Cosmo: Coma.
Wanda: Right!

Timmy: Tootie's so happy I can ignore her for the rest of the year without feeling any guilt! What could possibly go wrong?
Mr. Crocker: Hmm. A cake as tall as the stadium, Tootie popular, me bringing a child a present... Nothing out of the ordinary here!

Tootie: [to Cosmo and Wanda] Thank you for the best birthday ever!
Wanda: Aww, no need to thank us.
Tootie: You're right, you already know how nice you are, but I should tell everyone else!
Wanda: Uh, Tootie, let's just keep that little secret between us...
Tootie: Nooo, that would be rude! Everyone should know how great you are! [runs off]
Timmy: Oh no, Cosmo and Wanda forgot to tell Princess Big-mouth that she can't blab to anybody about them, or they'll go away forever!

Timmy: Keep it moving folks! Everybody wants to talk to the birthday princess!
Tootie: TIMMY!!!!! [grabs Timmy and hugs him] I knew you'd come!!! Ohhhh Timmy! Meet my fairy-
Timmy: [puts his hand over Tootie's mouth] PRINCESS! Not another word, no time! You have hundreds of presents to open! [grabs her hand]
Tootie: [eyes turn into hearts] You're holding my hand!

Tootie: [to Crocker] One detention? You gave me a detention for my birthday??!
Mr. Crocker: It's a gag gift! Squeeze it! It farts!
Tootie: [When she squeezes it, it farts] Hehehe, neat!
Timmy: Oh look, it's cake time. Time to make a wish and blow out your birthday candles.

Tootie: [to Crocker] Ahh! You're weird!
Mr. Crocker: Says you! And several psychiatric professionals, but that's beside the point!

Timmy: [falling alongside Tootie] Don't you wish there was a big trampoline at the bottom of this cake!?
Tootie: Ahhh! Yes! I sure do!
(Cosmo and Wanda turn into a trampoline, Timmy and Tootie harmlessly bounce off them)
Cosmo: Ahahahaha! That tickles!

Tootie: [on microphone] I... Princess Tootie... Want you all to know that I have....
(Tootie takes a deep breath, Timmy lands next to her in a splat)
Timmy: A boyfriend!
Tootie: Yes!
Crocker: What!?
Timmy: Yes! A boyfriend!
(Clock strikes nine o'clock)
Tootie: Fairy what? Who?
Mr. Crocker: This is not over!
(A helicopter's hook reaches down and grab's Mr. Crocker by the belt)
Timmy: And now it is!
Crocker: [while being hooked by a helicopter] Curse you, Igor Sikorsky and all you infernal wingless flying machines!!!
Timmy: I wish Tootie forgot that she had fairy godparents, and forgot that I was her boyfriend!
(Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands and grant the wish, but Tootie runs over and leaps on Timmy)
Tootie: Thanks for the wonderful birthday party, BOYFRIEND! I can't remember how I-
Timmy: Tootie! I'm not your boyfriend!
Tootie: [whimpers] Y-you're not?
Timmy: Oh no, it's the magic of guilt!
Cosmo: Timmy! Go for the coma!

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