• It is possible that Binky is an elf, not a fairy.
  • He is one of the few fairies that do not have appeared in the cameo of Abra-Catastrophe, but when Jorgen holding a fairy who looks like an elf it's possible that's him.
  • Binky's suffering is similar to Hans Moleman from The Simpsons and Kenny McCormick from South Park.
  • Binky Abdul is named after Paula Abdul, a former judge from American Idol. This was revealed in the parody Fairy Idol.*Binky is the most unlucky fairy in Fairy World due to seen getting hurt or pushed around constantly.*Binky's show was deleted after Timmy made his channel and show.*In the episode, Talkin' Trash, it is revealed that Binky pays for the garabage to be picked up, it is unknown if he was living with his mother at the time.*His name may be a reference to the clown in Garfield and Friends, known as Binky the Clown.
  • His anti-fairy counterpart debuted before him.
Binky Abdul

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