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  • Though they both hate their children married (Big Daddy hates Cosmo and Mama Cosma hates Wanda), they're attracted to each other (much to the disgust of Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy.)
    • Even though Big Daddy hates that Wanda married Cosmo, Big Daddy seems to be more willing to put up with Cosmo as his son-in-law than Mama Cosma's willing to put up with Wanda as her daughter-in-law.
  • Apparently Wanda doesn't like milk or sugar in her coffee.
  • Blonda sounds different in this episode. This is because she is voiced by Tara Strong instead of being voiced by her guest star voice actress.


  • This episode's title card is a parody of The Godfather.
  • Mr. Neigh-Neigh is a parody to the decapitated horse head which was also from The Godfather.


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  • In the bed scenes, Big Daddy's beard have a lighter tone than normal.
  • After the beginning, Big Daddy threw away the blanket. But in the next scene, the blanket was there.
  • At the beginning, Mr, Neigh-Neigh's skin and hair tone are darker. But in the next shot, the tone is normal for the rest of the episode.
  • When Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are being transported to Big Daddy' office, for a frame they are colored transparent.
  • In one shot, Cosmo's eyebrows go behind his fringe.
  • Cosmo nail a clove on a lamppost which would be impossible in real life.
  • When Cosmo is nailing the clove, his trouser becomes a skirt.
  • The pony pillow that appears throughout the episode is Mr. Neigh-Neigh, but the captions always spelled its name as "Mr. Nay Nay".
  • When Timmy and Cosmo hear Wanda's uncles, they actually says that they are going to take out Wanda from the Inc. instead of take out Wanda to eat.
  • Although Big Daddy was missing, Wanda's mom should take charge of Big Daddy Company instead of Wanda.

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