Bickles By The Bay
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Also Known As:
  Mr. Bickles' Dream
Owned By:
  Mr. Bickles
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Beach Bummed!
Last Appearance:
  Beach Bummed!
Destroyed In:
Beach Bummed!

Bickles By The Bay is a spa and fish/seafood-restaurant opened up by Mr. Bickles alongside Dimmsdale Beach.


Mr. Bickles opened this business on the beach as one of his latest life "dreams". He had Mr. Galaxy, a muscle-bound man, step onto the beach to cut the opening ribbon of the ceremony, which caused Timmy to grow into a huge muscle-bound monster as a result of a wish to be the strongest guy on the beach.

Later on, Mr. Bickles caused more trouble by capturing Cosmo and Wanda, who he mistook for "king crabs" due to their crab-form and crowns, and wanted to cook them alive in his restaurant to be eaten as pink and green delicacies. Timmy, after growing larger and being covered in sea weed, smashed down the wall of the restaurant, and then roared at Mr. Bickles, blowing him away and causing the restaurant to collapse.


The restaurant is shaped like a red crab holding up a sign with the name of the restaurant on it, and a single door in the front with two porthole windows on the side. It is located on a boardwalk that runs alongside Dimmsdale Beach.

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