Timmy: This is worse than I thought!
[Cosmo and Wanda poof up and both Timmy and Wanda scream at Cosmo's appearance]
Cosmo: What?
Timmy: It's definitely worse than I thought! [Wanda poofs up an iron head helmet on Cosmo. This causes Cosmo to crash down on the table] Dude, what's with the attitude?
Cosmo: [getting up, speaking softly] Some people get a little cranky when they don't get their sleep.
Wanda: You want a piece of me, Lead Head?
Cosmo: Oh yeah, bring it on, Scary Godmother!
Timmy: Stop it, you two! Come on!
Cosmo: Maybe, you should ask the pretty fairy to help you!
Timmy: Wanda, please! I wish everbody could sleep again!
Wanda: Oh blah blah blah, your needs!
Timmy: They're too cranky to unwish the wish! I've got to get the sand man to help!
Sandman: It's Sandman and I can't help you. You got that?
Timmy: Why not?
Sandman: What part of 'no sleep equals no power' did you not understand? [Keeps getting smaller]

Wanda: I'm not cranky anymore!
Cosmo: And I'm not butt ugly anymore! Right? Hello? A little positive reinforcement might help.

Timmy: Ha! Seven days! How bad could that be? [7 days later it shows Timmy's face as somewhat hideous due to lack of sleep for a week] Is it bad? [Cosmo poofs a steel box surrounded by chains on Timmy's head]
Cosmo: That's better! [Timmy falls to the ground. He then starts grabbing for air]
Timmy: Air! Air! I need air!
Wanda: Oh blah blah blah, your needs! [Cosmo and Wanda laugh]
Robot: Two robots walk into a social establishment and destroy all humans...[robot starts tapping the microphone to check if it's working] is this voice amplification device functional? 

Cosmo: [singing with a paper bag on his head] Here I come! Mr. Fairy Universe!

Mr. Turner: Yay!
Mrs. Turner: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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