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Timmy Turner: How do I stop my Mom and Dad from surfing for the rest of my life?
Jorgen Von Strangle: That is the problem with WISH LIMBO!!!!...Limbo....limbo.....limbo.
Timmy: Yeah, yeah, limbo limbo limbo! How do you stop it stop it stop it?!?!?!?!

Cosmo: Really? I thought it meant bury your wife in the sand.

Cosmo: See Wanda? I was right! [buries Wanda in the sand]

Timmy: Wish limbo, limbo, limbo... Is that bad?

Timmy: Cowabunga! Now, who's the best surfer ever? And, thanks Poof!

Cosmo: I think I just made a pu-pu platter.

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