• Cosmo: Welcome to the von Strangle family bakery, Timmy! Where everything is magically delicious! You can even eat the walls! [bites wall]
  • Wanda: No you can't, Cosmo
  • Cosmo: Oh. [turns a weird shade of green] Then you'd better take me to the hospital [faints]

  • Poof: [after eating the cherry brownies, he sounds like Jorgen] More. Good! MORE!!!

  • Jorgen: [after catching Anti-Cosmo] Aha! It is Anti-Cosmo in a clever giant cupcake disguise.
  • Anti-Cosmo: Cupcake? Ignoramus! I'm a giant frosted scone!

  • Jorgen: That was close. If that fiend had escaped with the brownie, he could've found out the recipe. A recipe that is kept in a secret vault in the basement. Which I guess is no longer a secret since I just told you about it.
  • Nana Boom Boom: [throws exploding pie] Dumb dumb!

  • Wanda: I'm gonna get Poof to a brownie-free zone. Cosmo, Timmy, don't do anything stupid while I'm gone. [poofs away]
  • Cosmo: [to Timmy] Why does always say that to us?
Timmy: I dunno. Now let's do something stupid! Poof me up another one of those brownies I'm not supposed to have.
  • Cosmo: Sorry Timmy they're magic brownies. I can only poof them up by using the secret recipe.
  • Timmy: Then take me down to that basement vault so I can get the recipe.
  • Cosmo: That sounds perfectly stupid! (In the vault) Getting that brownie recipe's gonna be a piece of cake. Wait. That means getting a cake would be a piece of brownie. Hold me, Timmy. I'm freaking myself out.

  • Anti-Cosmo [sees that Timmy downloaded the recipe to his brain]: It looks that Timmy Turner has what we came for. And you mocked me for buying X-Ray glasses from the back of the comic book.
  • Anti-Wanda [replying to Anti-Cosmo's sentence]: Why do we need them brownies anyway? We can win the bake-off with my Road Kill Critter Cake!
  • Anti-Cosmo: No offence dear, but no one wants a dessert that hunts mice in a sewer. We need that brownie recipe!

  • Wanda: [to Cosmo and Timmy] Where have you two been?
  • Cosmo: Well, we weren't in the bakery vault stealing the super secret brownie recipe if that's what you're implying.
  • Wanda: You stole the recipe?!
  • Poof: MOOORRREEE!!!
  • Timmy: It's just a recipe for a stupid bake-off! It's not the end of the world!
  • Wanda: Yes it is! Timmy, thousands of years ago there was an epic battle between the fairies and the anti-fairies to determine who have to got fairy godchildren. After years of horrible war we decided to settle things in only logical way.
  • Cosmo: In an annual bake-off!
  • Wanda: Nana's Boom Boom brownies win every year. But if the anti-fairies get that recipe they will win the bake-off and take over all fairy godkids including you sport! You are in terrible danger until you return that recipe to the valut!

  • "Mrs. Turner": Hi, Tommy. We've come to suck out the contents of your brain. [brandishes vacuum with tentacles] I mean, vacuum your room.
  • "Mr. Turner": We're not evil imposters.
  • [the tentacles of the vacuum pull off theirs masks to reveal Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda]
  • Anti-Cosmo: That's the last time I order Mom and Dad costumes from the back of a comic book. Now hold still while I painfully suck the recipe and your brain out of your ear cannal!
  • Cosmo: Don't worry Timmy, we'll save you.
  • [Anti-Cosmo sucks Cosmo, Wanda and Poof into the vacuum cleaner]
  • Cosmo: Timmy, save us!
  • [Jorgen shots Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda]
  • Timmy: Thanks Jorgen! [unsucks Wanda, Poof, and Cosmo]

  • Jorgen: Nothing is as delicious as Nana's Brownies.
  • Cosmo: Well, nothing except my bread-free toast. I love the bread-free taste!

  • Anti-Cosmo: Have you found anything in his brain yet?
  • Anti-Wanda: I haven't even found his brain.
  • Cosmo: (Disgiused as Timmy) I'd look a little lower.
  • Anti-Wanda: Found it! And I think I got somethin'. It's a recipe! [duh]
  • Anti-Cosmo: The brownies! Yes! Bring the recipe and start baking!

  • Jorgen: We're going to make it!
  • Poof: MORE. [eats the brownies in a similar way to Pac-man]
  • Jorgen: We're not going to make it! Wanda, don't you ever feed that kid?!

  • Anti-Cosmo: What have you done woman?! There's nothing on that plate!
  • Anti-Wanda: Don't blame me! I followed the recipe exactly [duh]
  • Cosmo: Yeah! That's my recipe for Bread-Free Toast: "0 cups flour, 0 cups water, 0 minutes in oven".

  • Timmy: More. Good! MORE!

  • Poof: Brownie! Brownie! Brownie!!

  • Timmy: Thanks Jorgen!
  • Jorgen: Don't mention it, now stand still while I take your head off!

  • Wanda: If you're here.. The anti-fairies have Cosmo!

  • Mother Nature: It's not good to want to fool Mother Nature!
  • Mother Nature: More. Good! MORE!!

  • Nana Boom Boom: Boom Boom!

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