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Timmy Turner: I'm the best babysitter of all time!

Denzel Crocker: I present you, the CrockBot-9000!

Crocker: A baby! FINALLY! A heir for the Crocker Empire! Thank you birthday candle!

Crocker: One day all this will be yours! Unless the Norweigans find it first..
Poof: Timmy!

Crocker: Look DJ! the best fairy catching device! The crock pot!

Crocker: NO! DJ must be with the fairies, that's the best for him!
Poof: Crocker!
Crocker: No! Be strong DJ! No tears!

Cosmo: See? I told you it was true!

Crocker: Fairy in the hole!

Crocker: Table for two please! I always wanted to say that!

Crocker: What's the best way to get a heir? [mirror cracks] I guess marrying is not an option..

Wanda: Wait a minute! Poof is here, but what happened to Timmy?

CrockBot-9000: Father!!!

Mr. Crocker: [to Poof] Exactly. TO THE CROCKER CAVE!!!

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