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  • This is the first time Cosmo is seen wearing a diaper, although it was because he was turned into a "mama's boy".
  • Cosmo and Wanda have been married 9,895 years.
  • First appearance of Mama Cosma and Cupid.
  • This is the second time Timmy is turned into a toilet (the first being just his head in "The Fairy Flu!").
  • First episode focused on Cosmo's and Wanda's relationship.
  • In this episode it's Cosmo's and Wanda's Styrofoam anniversary although Wanda claims it's supposed to be the False Anger Anniversary.
  • It was revealed in this episode that Mr. and Mrs. Turner anniversary has exactly the same date of Cosmo's and Wanda's anniversary.
  • This is the first time that Cosmo and Wanda get divorced.
  • This is the very first appearance of a Transformed Timmy gag.
  • Apparently Mama Cosma was not aware that Cosmo and Wanda were married for 9895 years until this episode.


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  • In Birthday Bashed, Timmy's birthday and his parents' anniversary are on the same day, but Cosmo and Wanda's anniversary is not on the same date.
  • Cosmo took one of the cookies but before Timmy and Wanda shouts "Cosmo" the cookie Cosmo took is on the metal plate and on Cosmo's hand.
  • When Wanda was sitting during the game show, Cupid shot a toilet scrubber into her mouth. But when the camera zoomed out to Cupid, she is seen with a plunger covering her mouth, like the other times, instead of a scrubber.
  • Cosmo' polystyrene tux is gone after the cat attacks him.
  • It is unknown how Timmy gets back into his human form since Wanda or Cosmo doesn't transform him into a human again.
  • The toilet scrubber on Wanda's mouth disappears and reappers.
  • In one scene, Cupid' golden arrow disappears from his butt.
  • The watch in which Timmy saw the hour was not on his hand until that point.
  • Fairies aren't allowed to poof up money as that's counterfeiting, but Mama Cosma keeps poofing up bags and bags of money for Cupid. Unless the money was Mama Cosma's, she shouldn't have been able to do this.

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