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Anti-Cosmo: There is going to be Anti-Poof! You are going to have an anti-baby!
Anti-Wanda: Oh! I'm so happy, I could explode!

Foop (first line): Hello, Clarice. I mean, mother.
Anti-Wanda: Oh! He said his first words! [Anti-Wanda hugs Foop] Our baby!
Foop:: Eh! I'm bored with you already.
Anti-Wanda: Ow! He's pointy! I'm gonna call him... Gator!
Foop:: I prefer "The Dark Harbinger Of The Doom Time"! Of course that name will never fit on a birthday cake.
Anti-Cosmo: No, silly. You're the opposite of Baby Poof, and therefore, your name must be... [plays the organ] FOOP! Hmmm... that sounded much more evil in my head .

Anti-Wanda: Use that big wand sweetie! It contains all the power in Anti-Fairy World!
Foop:: Thank you mother! Your single digit IQ has been a blessing for my cause!

Foop: I've waited my whole life for this moment! All 6 hours and 45 minutes of it!

Foop: [to Poof]: Round one to you, round one.

Cosmo: Being a celebrity is great! You get to be famous without having any skill or talent whatsoever!

Foop: There's a new sheriff in town and his name, unfortunately, is Foop! (the word Foop then echoes in the background)

Foop: Prepare for takeoff. Time for a playdate...of DOOM!

Foop: There can only be one!

Wanda: Poof, you're safe!
Poof: Poof, poof!

Foop: Beware, Baby Poof. I'll be back for you someday soon, so speaks... Oh, how I hate this name, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!

Denzel Crocker: WHO'S THE BOSS NOW, BOSSY?

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