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Anti-Mind Reading Helmet

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Anti-Mind Reading Helmet
Uses: Preventing mind-reading
Additional Information
Built by:
  Denzel Crocker
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Mind Over Magic
Last Appearance:
  The Jerkinators! (cameo)

The Anti-Mind Reading Helmet is a huge, clunky device built by Mr. Crocker so that Timmy would not be able to read his mind.


This device only appears in the episode Mind Over Magic. It is a bowl shaped helmet that is worn on the head and weights a ton. It requires support just so Mr. Crocker can stand with it on, and whenever he spasms about fairies, he usually breaks the sticks and is promptly crushed by the device. He solved this by putting it on a pulley system when he used in the gym at the school.

It's one of his fairy detecting/capturing device.

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