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Anti-Fairy World Entrance
World: Fairy World
Anti-Fairy World
Additional Information
Production Information
First Appearance:
  That Old Black Magic
Last Appearance:
  When Nerds Collide!

The Anti-Fairy World Entrance is the entrance to Anti-Fairy World and it is guarded by Jorgen Von Strangle who makes sure that no one trespasses or opens the barricaded entrance.


According to Anti-Cosmo, it was created by the fairies centuries ago. The Anti-Fairies were stuck in Anti-Fairy World since it was created. Timmy wanted to talk to the Anti-Fairies, so he wished the door open, making the Anti-Fairies finally free.[1] A prison was later created around the entrance.[2][3]

Once Abracatraz was created, and possibly because they easily escaped with assistance,[2] the Anti-Fairies were sent there instead.[4]



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