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Titlecard-That Old Black Magic That Old Black Magic
Anti-Cosmo and his fellow Anti-Fairies are released when Timmy foolishly wishes them out. Anti-Cosmo and his wife introduce themselves to Timmy before dubbing him as the hero that released them. Timmy luckily draws out all the Anti-Fairies with lots of bad luck and tricks them into going through the door that leads back to Fairy World. Jorgen then proceeds to lock the Anti-Fairies back up into their imprisonment.
Titlecard-The Gland Plan The Gland Plan
Due to Cosmo's fagiggly gland going bad, he will need a transplant in order to continue his job as godparent. This is the direct opposite of Anti-Cosmo whose fagiggly gland is going good. Since Jorgen hates both Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo, he refuses to let Anti-Cosmo out of prison. After a couple of attempts, the trio are able to get Anti-Cosmo out in order for Cosmo to get his transplant. It works, but Anti-Cosmo escapes, but we then find out part of Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo's personalities had been transplanted to each other during the transplant.
Titlecard-When Nerds Collide When Nerds Collide!
Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby Fairly Odd Baby
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics The Fairly Oddlympics
Titlecard-Anti-Poof Anti-Poof
Titlecard-Balance of Flour Balance of Flour


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