Gender: Male
Species: Anti-Fairy
Age: Immortal (The same as Binky)
Eye color:       Red
Personal Information
  Anti-Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  That Ol' Black Magic
Latest Appearance:
  Fairly Odd Baby

Anti-Binky is an Anti-Fairy opposite of Binky. He is seen in cameos in Anti-fairy themed episodes.


Anti-Binky appears in scenes when large amount of Anti-Fairy characters are present, usually amongst the crowd in the background. He has not had any major speaking roles, and not much else has been revealed about him. Because Anti-Fairies are usually the exact opposite of their fairy version, it can be assumed that Anti-Binky is much tougher and stronger than his wimpy Fairy counterpart, and beats up Anti-Jorgen, as Jorgen does Binky.


Like all other Anti-Fairies, he is basically a color swapped version of his Fairy counterpart, with red colored eyes. Like the rest of his race, Anti-Binky has a pair of bat wings for flight, and is colored a dark blue coloring scheme.

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