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The Big Anti-Fairy Wand

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Big Anti-Fairy Wand
World: Anti-Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fairly Odd Baby
Last Appearance:
  Blue Angel

The Big Anti-Fairy Wand (much like the The Big Wand in Fairy World) is the source of all power in Anti-Fairy World.


Unlike the Big Wand, it looks rusty, gloomy, half broken and it is black, and being the complete opposite of the Big Wand, it's magic comes from non-belief in fairies, and godchildren having negative emotions or doing bad things.


The wand was destroyed by a giant Bunny Monster in Fairly Odd Baby.

In the episode, "Anti-Poof", Foop drained all of Anti-Fairy World's power from the Anti-Fairy Wand and used it to turn Anti-Fairy World into Care-Fairy World. It remained this way until Foop was defeated by his fairy counterpart Poof.

In Blue Angel, Chloe's kindness drains the wand of it's power and turns whole Anti-Fairy World into colorful place, and Foop is assigned by Anti-Fairy Council to make Chloe angry and turn her into bad person.



  • Unlike Fairy World's Big Wand, there wasn't much concern about the loss of the Anti-Fairies' magic when it was destroyed in Fairly Odd Baby.

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