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Ancient Fairy Warriors
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Fairy
Personal Information
  Fairy Council
  Outer Space (Ursa Major constellation)
  Fairy World
  The Darkness
  Protecting Fairy World from the darkness
Production Information
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:
  Balance of Flour

The Ancient Fairy Warriors are a group of powerful ancient fairies that, along with the Fairy Council, fought against The Darkness and anti-fairies long ago.


Millennia ago, after they defeated the Darkness with their immense magical powers, the Ancient Fairy warriors were sent to the heavens to guard Fairy World should the Darkness return, becoming the stars in the night sky. When the Darkness returned they were absorbed by it, causing entire constellations to disappear. After Timmy defeated the Darkness, they were restored and returned to Fairy World. They are seen in the celebration of Timmy's triumph.

In Balance of Flour, they were shown fighting against the anti-fairies in a battle that determined the winner's race were to have godchildren. After years of intense war, the fairies and anti-fairies agreed to settle things in a more logical way: an annual bake off!


They are tall humanoid fairies like Jorgen Von Strangle, the Tooth Fairy, and the Fairy Council, and use tall wands like Jorgen, which suggests that Jorgen and the Tooth Fairy may also be Ancient Fairy Warriors.



"Balance of Flour"

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