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Gender: Both
Species: Aliens
Personal Information
  Customers on the Alien Zoo
  Alien Zoo
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Please Don't Feed The Turners
Latest Appearance:
  Please Don't Feed The Turners
The aliens are Dark Laser's customers on Alien Zoo and in the Death Mall.



Cosmo, Wanda and Poof, disguised as aliens.

The aliens are the beings that attend to Dark Laser's zoo, the one he built to get the money to repair his Death Ball, and he caged the Turners and put them on an exhibit to attract more aliens. He said to them that if the money spent reached 100 billion (which is how much he needed to repair the Death Ball), he would send the Turners to space, but as it took a lot of time he decided to use the Turners to get the money faster, and put Timmy on a water show with Orcatron. They are not allowed to feed the Turners.

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