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Cosmo: Eww, don't step in the 'money', Wanda!

Mr. Turner: Still defective!

Timmy: Wanda, that's it! I wish I had two dads!

Cosmo: Those elephants look angry!

Wanda: Timmy, you've been there all night!

Mrs. Turner: This is a little unsettling...

Mr. Turner: The one who survives gets Timmy!

Timmy: Thank you one of my dads...
[Timmy looks at his dad's ankle]
Timmy: I mean, thank you real dad!

Mr. Turner: Hallelujah, it's raining dads!

Wanda: Oh sport, they are missing you!

Mr. Turner's Doll: I have a monkey on my pants!
Mrs. Turner: And that's why I love you!

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