Mr. Turner: (reading the newspaper) News... Same. Sports... Same. Weather... Hey!
Timmy: What?
Mr. Turner: Same.

Wanda: Wow, it's both violent and stupid!
Cosmo: I know! I would have settled for just one.

Jorgen: I, Jorgen von Strangle, very tough fairy and obligatory action movie villain, and my kitty, Mr. Tulip-toes (Jorgen snuggles with Mr. Tulip-toes a bit)...Kitty kitty kitty. (Jorgen resumes what he was doing prior to snuggling his cat)...are going to kidnap all the fairies in the world! And then, using my brilliant magic-siphoning invention, I will suck the magic out of their pathetic fairy bodies...and transfer it into my wand! (tosses the cat into the trash) HAHAHA!
Wanda: Timmy, help! He's taking our magic!
Cosmo: Uhh... I like older women, but, wait, wait! Stop!
Jorgen: (laughs evilly) Soon, the world will be mine!

Timmy: The horror! The pure un-adult-elated, PG-13 horror!

Timmy: Oh, crud! Oh, double crud! Oh, triple crud!

Rooster: (first lines) COCK-A-DOODLE-!!! Whatever.

Mr. Turner: [reading the Action News] Sports, Actiony! News, Actiony! Weather, Hey!
Mrs. Turner: [does a backflip and at the same time Timmy drops from emergency chute]
Mrs. Turner and Timmy: What?
Mr. Turner: A 100% chance (shows what the weather is on the Action news) of action! [Mr. Turner crumbles the newspaper into a ball and throws it away. The newspaper explodes upon hitting the ground]

Timmy: Cool, I have a 5:00 shadow.
Cosmo: [pulls out a clock] And it's only 7:00 A.M.!

Timmy: [grabs popcorn from Popcorn Bag Cosmo]
Cosmo: Ahh! My brains! Babble and drool!

Mr. Turner: I wish my life was like that!
Timmy: Trust me, no you don't!

Tape Recorder: Pass the butter. This tape will now self-destruct.

Jorgen: Muscles too huge! Can't reach face!

Cosmo: You mustn't blame yourself, even though it is all your fault... (Cosmo dies as he turns into dust)
Wanda: Timmy... remember, We love... (Wanda dies as she turns into dust) you!
Timmy: NO!!! (collapse to his knees) I goofed up this world, now I'm ungoofing it.

Timmy: Hey, Jarhead! Lose something? (pulls the switch and rips it off the controller, causing Jorgen to lose his power)
Jorgen: NOOO!!!!! (his muscles begin to shrink and his body becomes skeletal) Why did I put a reverse switch on it?
Timmy: Because this is my movie! Uh-oh, it's overloading!
Jorgen: Ahh, my muscles! My beautiful muscles!

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