Mr. Turner: [in the living room] Timmy! What are you up doing this late? It's way past your bedtime!
Wanda: [as Timmy] But, but-
Mr. Turner: No buts. Straight to bed, young man. And don't make me get the giant robot in here.
Mr. Turner: [in the kitchen] Timmy? What are you doing in here? You were just in there!
Cosmo: [as Timmy] Uh... No I wasn't?
Mr. Turner: Well, that settles that. But you know you're not supposed to eat sweets this late at night... or change from pink to green.

Timmy: Fairy World?
Vampire: Scary World.
Timmy: You're not that scary.
Vampire: Well, here's a photo of your grandma's feet! (show a picture of a hideous foot)
Timmy: [screams] It burns! [poofs away]
Timmy: Fairy World?
Hairy Guy: Hairy World. (A cow suddenly appears)
Cow: Dairy World?
Timmy: Hairy World.
Cow: Oh, darn it!

Vicky: Wow! It's so clean I can see myself! [drops plate] and now I can't... good thing the Garbage Disposal's busted! [dumps a bag of garbage into the sink and hands Wanda a shovel] START SHOVELING! I'll be busy sleeping.
Wanda: She's worse than Jorgen!

Mr. Turner: [grabbing the cow with the robot] And I can use this for my milk powered engine!
Fairy Cow: Moo?

Mrs. Turner: [talking to "Timmy"] Oh, sweetie, you feel warm, and you look positively green!
Mr. Turner: Warm? Green? Those are all the symptoms of steamed broccoli! Get the thermometer! And the salad shooter!
Mrs. Turner: [sees Timmy as a goldfish bobbing up and down in the fishbowl upside down] I think we'll need to give the fish the thermometer too!

Wanda: We're sorry we can't poof you to school, sport.
Timmy: That's okay. My dad can drive me, provided he hasn't done anything stupid to the car.
(scene switches)
Timmy: You tried to make a giant fighting robot?!
Mr. Turner: So? The Dinklebergs have one. (uses the robot's arm to take his hat off and put it on the floor) Besides, you can take the bus.
(The school bus drives away)
Timmy: Wait! Darn it.

Cosmo: [after clipping the hedges] There! All nice and symmetrical! Wow, I didn't even know I knew that word.

(Timmy enters the gym from the rain, soaked)
Timmy: What's going on?
A.J.: We're playing Dodgeball...
Chester: And it's dries versus wets...
A.J.: Think fast!
(the entire class throws their dodgeballs at Timmy)

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