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Cosmo: And I, unfortunately, will not be going, because I'm extremely allergic to danger!

Crocker: Who knew reindeer poop was so sparkly?

Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Hi, Timmy! Hi, Tootie!
Timmy: Hey, mom and dad.
Tootie: Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Turner.
Mr. Turner:Oh, please, call us Timmy's parents.
Mrs. Turner:Just don't call us to say that Timmy's moving back home!
Mr. Turner:Yeah, right. 'Cause you're not, right? right? No! No, no, no!
Mrs. Turner:You can't, we've already turned your room into a secret spy cave.
Mr. Turner:Please, don't take away our secret spy cave! (Mrs. Turner starts crying)
Timmy: Relax mom and dad, I'm not moving back home.
Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Oooh!
Timmy: What you guys up to?
Mr. Turner: Duh, I'm dressed up as Santa.
Mrs. Turner And Santa's little helper!
Tootie: Very Christmassy...
Mr. Turner: It's Christmas?
Mrs. Turner: This year I'm asking Santa for something practical: A new computer!
Mr. Turner: I want something practical too: A magical pony, who poops ice cream, then he eats the ice cream, then he poops gold! Then he eats the gold, and then he poops out a motorcycle. And we all ride away... Bye! (Laughs)
Timmy: Best parents ever...

Santa Claus: Timmy Turner!
Cosmo and Wanda: Santa!
Santa Claus: I need a word with you! Timmy Turner...welcome to the North Pole (Laughs)
Timmy: Thanks, Santa.
Santa Claus: (Laughs) You must be Tootie...
Tootie: You know my name!
Santa Claus: But of course! And I know every present I've ever given you. Try me!
Tootie: Ah...What did you get for me when I was 8?
Santa Claus: A Professor Noggin's Chemestry set, and...ballerina shoes!

Timmy: Santa Claus, are you hurt?
Santa Claus: Santa Claus? who's Santa Claus? I'm the Easter Bunny! (hops and laughs)

Wanda: My wand is useless as Cosmo's invisibility helmet!
Cosmo: I'm right here! (whispering) She can't see me.

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