• Like Vicky, A.J.'s last name is unknown. Also, it's unknown what his initials, A.J. stand for.
  • He is generally assumed to be African-American.
  • One of A.J.'s ancestors settled in Dimmsdale Flats and he was an inventor and genius in its own right.
  • He once tried to buy the internet.
  • While A.J.'s family is obviously well off, he is not considered among the popular kids, possibly because of his high intelligence and because of his friendship with Timmy and Chester.
  • Crash Nebula is his favorite Super-Hero, as showed in Sleepover and Over. But in Smarty Pants he says that he doesn't know anything about Crash Nebula. However A.J. may have started liking Crash Nebula at some point between Smarty Pants and Sleepover and Over since Smarty Pants came before Sleepover and Over.
  • He is prematurely bald and is not happy about it as evidenced by Fairy Idol and Wishology.
  • He lives across from Chester in front of some railroad tracks as shown in The Big Scoop!
  • He does not like girl-scouts as he programmed a laser to fire at them as shown in The Big Scoop.
  • The only episode, so far, that focuses on the friendship of Timmy and A.J. is Smarty Pants.
  • He actually does work for the government as shown in Information Stupor Highway.
  • His friendship with Timmy was more explored in earlier seasons.
  • A.J. takes getting an "F" really hard as shown in "Shelf Life" and "Presto-Chango".
  • In The Big Superhero Wish, he, as Professor A.J., has an irregularly large brain, similar to Jimmy Neutron's superhero alter-ego, Brain Boy's from the last installment of Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.
  • In It's a Wishful Life, it is revealed that if Timmy didn't exist, then A.J. would have a full head of hair and be in college at this point.
  • A.J. was originally voiced by Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad (2001–2003) until he was replaced with Gary Leroi Gray (2003–present).
  • A.J. shares some things with Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory", both are intelligent and both have a secret laboratory.
  • A.J. (along with Chester and Francis) was originally going to be in The Bored Identity but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

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