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A.J.'s Mom
AJs Mom
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 34
Personal Information
  A.J.'s family
  Mrs. Turner
Elmer's Mom
Sanjay's Mom
A.J.'s Dad (husband)
A.J. (son)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

A.J.'s Mom is a very minor character who briefly appears in a few episodes. She is A.J.'s unnamed mother.


This woman is the mother of A.J. who appears briefly in several episodes with few to no speaking roles, therefore very little is known about her.


A.J.'s mother is a woman who appears to be of African or Caribbean descent. Her eyes have make up that resembles Trixie's eyeliner, and they are colored blue. She is typically seen wearing a pink businesswoman's suit with white shoes.


She first appears in "Information Stupor Highway" where she busts down her son's door with a battering ram, and told him he needed to redecorate after seeing A.J.'s room in its cloaked form. She was completely unaware that her son's room was really a disguised secret laboratory. After seeing A.J. in his room, she told him that he should think about redecorating.

She was also one of the many participants in the Miss Dimmsdale pageant in "Miss Dimmsdale". Thanks to Vicky she was able to get all of the other participants taken out. However she is defeated by Mr. Turner who was cross-dressing to get into the pageant. She and the other defeated participants as well as the two people that tried to make Catman go "nigh nigh" then took their anger out on Vicky by viciously beating her to a pulp.

A.J.'s mother appears along with the other parents in "‘‘Microphony", and in the school auditorium during a parent career day at her son's school, but she does not have a speaking role in either of these episodes.

She also appears in the episode "Snow Bound" along with the mothers of Timmy's other friends, Elmer and Sanjay, at a ski resort getaway. They were spending time away from their husbands and children. She also seemed to be attracted to the "Abdominal" Snowmanwhen he revealed himself at the end of the episode.


A.J.'s mother with the other character's mothers.

Her next appearance was alongside the other parents in "School's Out!: The Musical", but once again she did not have any other role other than being part of the group in some of the songs.

She last appeared in "Just Desserts!", where she was briefly seen serving A.J. and Timmy their family "dessert", mathematic equations, because "knowledge is sweet".

She and her husband are presumed to be rich, since A.J. lives in a very big house and is considered to be wealthy compared to Timmy's family. Her exact occupation is unknown, although she is normally seen wearing a pink businesswoman's suit. In one episode, A.J. has a parental block on his television that prevents him from watching mostly whatever is on television, meaning that his mother and father are overprotective of what he watches, unlike Timmy Turner's parents.

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  • It has been pointed out by some fans that she resembles Michelle Obama or Condoleezza Rice, but this is purely coincidental since she appeared in the show years before either of them were well known.
  • She wears a suit and pants like Oprah Winfrey.


Honey, you really should redecorate.



A.J.'s Mom

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