"It's a Wrap" Retirement Community
It's a Wrap Retierment Community
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
Butterfly Boy
Wonder Gal
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  Cat 'n Mouse

"It's a Wrap" Retirement Community is a retirement home for actors who played superheros on TV. It is the current residence of Catman. It has also been called the Retirement Home of Justice, or just the Home of Justice.


Catman currently lives here as of the episode "Cat-Astrophe", rather than at the Stately West Manor. Due to this it can be inferred that Catman is now completely retired from acting. Timmy usually visits here for special occasions related to Catman.


Its most recent design is a white, two floored building, with two smaller sections coming off to either side. All the building's roofs are painted purple, and there is a red brick fireplace coming out from the top of the main building.

In the front lawn, there is a white sign with a dark blue background that has the building's name written in pink letters, with a silhouette of a video camera at the top. The sign is surrounded by shrubbery.


The retirement home first appeared in Cat-Astrophe where Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Sparky went to visit. Timmy and Sparky went to celebrate Catman's birthday, while Cosmo and Wanda went to visit Cosmo's favourite superhero, Butterfly Boy.

While there, Cosmo and Wanda got trapped by Butterfly Boy using a net, and forced to look at pictures of his family.

At the end of the episode, it gets partly destroyed when Dogman drives into Catman's room in his Pit-Bulldozer.

In Whittle Me This, Catman is celebrating his 50th anniversary being a superhero, and invites Timmy to the event. Timmy decides not to go, but ends up there anyways when Chloe wishes that they would both go there. When they're there, Catman mistakes her as his old partner, Catgirl. Timmy leaves without them seeing, and, thinking he's been kidnapped, takes Chloe along to help rescue him.



  • It looks slightly different in every appearance it has had so far.
  • In Gone Flushin', it was called "The Retirement Home of Justice on it's front sign. The sign was also a lot more fancy.