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Forum February 2010 Site Updates

Hello everyone, I've updated a few key features of the website.

Navigation templates

I'm phasing out the ugly place holder ones with new ones, I've started working on replacing the Season/Episode navigation templates with a better formatted one I found from the Family Guy wiki. The various species (humans, fairies, and such) need better, updated navigation templates.

Featured articles

The featured article on the main page will now be randomly chosen out of the entire list every time the page is loaded. This will give our wiki's best articles better accessibility. My question to everyone else is: Should we update the frequency of nominations to one week? There are plenty of other well written articles, so the more that can be randomly put on the main page, the better.

Other stuff

There is a lot of clean up to be done! Countless episode articles are nowhere near complete.

One thing I noticed is that the opening description of most episodes have the episode in quote, i.e.:

"Random Episode" is the tenth episode of Season X.

I think that these would look better without the quotes, so if you see them then remove them. Thank you! --Lord Beckett (talk) 19:58, February 1, 2010 (UTC)

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